What is the delirium with the word “kneading” in serial subtitles?

Cinema 12 January, 2017

An expression with the old one that tries to return in force via the intermediary of series …

When you think about it, if you manage today a minimum English is more thanks to teams of Internet users specialized in subtitling rather than your professor of LV1 in college. Although these users are not exempt from blame huh, with translations in hard and misspellings in spades, as shown so well Tumblr “The subtitle of shame” . Similarly, another Tumblr, Passion Petrin , identified by Brain Magazine, is amused by the overuse of a downright modern expression “be in trouble” . It seems that software have found it to translate “in trouble” . If you have better, the community is clamshell (and no, “we are in the shit” is a tad vulgar).