What is the future of the series American Gods ?

Cinema 15 January, 2018






American Gods was one of the excellent surprises of 2017 and, as this is not surprising, it is due to the network Starz, which, between that and Ash vs Evil Dead, we was offered two very nice gifts.

But if the series derived from the films of Sam Raimi returns for season 3 this year, on the side of’American Gods’, it is already warmer. As we announced last November, the show runners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green have slammed the door of the series while it was in full preparation for its season 2 and, if the exact reasons were never disclosed, it was a time question that this is the author of the novel himself, the great Neil Gaiman, who resumed things in hand.



Except that last week, it is Gillian Anderson who announced that she was leaving, she, too, dropped the series and it starts to make a lot. Enough, in any case, that one wonders if the production is going to happen to set up this new season. This is exactly the question posed by the website Collider Chris Albrecht, the big boss of Starz, who admits that even when it is very tense at the moment :

“As you can see, we have some problems mounting this second season. It is an adaptation incredibly difficult to a fantastic novel and this is one of the reasons why it has taken so long to arrive on the screens.



In working with Neil Gaiman, Bryan and Michael have done an extraordinary job and our partner Fremantle is trying to see with them if we can manage our calendars and keep them involved in the series. Neil Gaiman is going to take a more central role and become a kind of showrunner more classic to the series. And we are looking currently for a partner able to ensure the purely television with all the attention that it requires.

We are very invested in American Gods, and, as I said earlier, it has been very successful. We hope that more American Gods will appear on Starz.”


Gillian Anderson


But there is a small concern, since Gaiman is already showrunner on the series, good omens , and, as he has just said on Twitter, it’s not going to be able to ensure the two projects to the same height :

“I couldn’t manage physically two series at the same time. But I planned to work very closely with the new showrunner, and help to develop the plot and build up American Gods, as I have done with Bryan and Michael.”

Yeah, it smells super good this story…