What Laeticia Hallyday has said to his loved ones in the plane to St. Barth Gala

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After the tribute popular made by Johnny Hallyday at the church of the Madeleine on December 9, Laeticia and his relatives had visited on the island of St Barts for the funeral of the rocker. In the plane, the young widow, very moved, wanted to speak with a lot of tenderness, each of his friends.

On the 6th of December last, Johnny Hallyday is gone. His wife Laeticia had the difficult task to announce to the French that her husband had died in the night. In a message that was upsetting him, she had sent a last message of love. Subsequently, the woman in the rocker had to organize everything. The tribute popular in the church of the Madeleine, first of all. With his daughters Jade and Joy as she stood, humble and strong behind the coffin of her husband, who disappeared. Celebrities and anonymous were here very numerous in the streets of the capital, said a last goodbye to the singer.

And then, with a handful of the faithful, thirty, no more, Laeticia and daughters Jade and Joy took off for Saint-Barthélemy to bury Johnny Hallyday. In the Boeing 757 in the direction of St-Martin, Laeticia wished to say a few words to each. “She has taken the time to express how much she had been touched by the ceremony of the Madeleine, the crowds on the Champs-Élysées, the bikers. Johnny would have loved to see all these bikers behind him. But it feels completely lost. She needs to tighten her daughters in her arms constantly. Jade and Joy and watch over it, instinctively. Their relationship is deeply moving ” one can read in Paris Match.

Confused, lost, Laeticia will be distraught at the burial of her deceased husband. The first children of Johnny Hallyday, David and Laura, who had decided to come by means of their own facilities on the island, support with compassion for the young widow in this event. Only today on the island of St. Barts with his daughters, the young mother learns to live with the absence. It is expected to remain near her husband until mid-January. Laeticia Hallyday will then go back to live in Los Angeles with his two little girls.

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