“What we did to God? “Elodie Fontan couple with Philippe Lacheau

Entertainment 28 November, 2016

Two weeks after the broadcast Babysitting on TF1, it was the turn of another hit comedy to have the Sunday night prime honors: What we did to God? Their common ? They both card at the box office and the director of the first actor is now in a relationship with one of the actresses of the second.

lacheau-fontanThe fates of What we did to God? And Babysitting are incredibly intertwined. Both films were released in France the same day, April 16, 2014. Spotted the comedy festival of Alpe d Huez, where he received the Special jury prize and the audience award , the film of Philip Lacheau found himself somewhat overshadowed by the incredible success of the feature film by Philippe de Chauveron who laugh over 12 million spectators in theaters in France. Babysitting was meanwhile more than 2 million entries that can be added more than 3 million of his suite Babysitting 2 , which makes Philippe Lacheau a millionaire (in entries) film French.
Not resentful or jealous of the success of What we did to God? , Philippe Lacheau hired two actors in the film Babysitting 2 : Christian Clavier . And Elodie Fontan A good idea since the beautiful actress, noticed in Clem television, fell in love with the director. if they have long remained discreet lovers not now hesitate to appear together in the evenings or on the red carpet. the media coverage of their romance s risk ‘ even faster since they will both be showing the new film directed by Philippe Lacheau, Alibi.com . Until its release on February 15, after accounting for millions of spectators who came to see in cinemas, they can count the millions of viewers who saw their movie on TV . Babysitting in gathered more 6 million on 13 November, what we did to God? should gather as much.