What we did to God? – What famous host refused the role played by ary abittan?

Entertainment 25 November, 2016

Sunday evening, TF1 broadcast for the first time in clear What we did to God?. The paperboard of 2014, with over 12 million viewers, has boosted the careers of its young actors including ary abittan. However, the boy almost did not play in the film. It owes its presence to the refusal of a famous television host to take the role.

ary-abbitanLike what, fate sometimes due to not much . If ary abittan ended up in What we did to God? Aired Sunday night on TF1 and for the first time in the clear, it’s because that other person to whom it was proposed the role refused. Indeed, Philippe de Chauveron the film’s director had suggested the role of David, the Jewish son married to Odile ( Julia Piaton ) to a famous host of PAF. Someone hit on the small screen, but has already made a few appearances in the cinema , including the truth if I lie 3 . If you have not recognized, it is obviously of Cyril Hanouna.
As the host of not at my post button on C8 revealed in GQ this month, the role it has in fact been proposed by Philippe de Chauveron . But Cyril Hanouna refused, suddenly it’s ary abittan who recovered . Since What we did to God? And its more than 13 million viewers , the career of the actor exploded. He ended up showing great comedies like The Visitors: Revolution , or landing immediately .
Cyril Hanouna his side has not regretted SINCE it a hit every day with C8 Hands off my position and that, despite some slippages worth remonstrances of the CSA , it increases emissions and happenings that make the buzz.