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Entertainment 10 December, 2017

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There are a little over a year, Johnny Hallyday was a small ball of fur wandering on the highway, in the United States. With the death of Johnny, the dog finds himself once again abandoned…

She is cute with his white nose, her eye black and her dress speckled. Cheyenne has been collected by Johnny Hallyday in August 2016, while he was hitching a ride by motorcycle to the southern States of the Usa. The young bitch has joined Santos, the other dog Hallyday, to the delight of Jade, and especially Joy, which, in the light of the photos posted on Instagram, love it.

Lost dog with no collar, a bit like the rocker, Cheyenne quickly became inseparable from his master. The last photo that Johnny wanted to repost on Instagram on the 21st November last, was a portrait with it.

Johnny has always been a great friend of animals, and especially dogs. There are a dozen of years, he confided the same to the foundation 30 Million Friends : “I’ve always had big dogs. I’ve had a lot of German shepherds (…) All dogs are wonderful. What is there more faithful in the world, in the end, I think it is a dog “.

Cheyenne, the cow dog of my life 😄

A post shared by Johnny Hallyday (@jhallyday) on Nov 21, 2017 at 12:11pm PST

What will become of Cheyenne now ? She will stay with her young mistresses Jade and Joy – we know how an animal is able to think the heavy sorrows of a child ? A friend of Johnny will he take care of the dog ? The rocker with a big heart had to think about it. And rely on Laeticia to respect the last wishes of his man.

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