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Entertainment 17 January, 2018


In his book “Brigitte Macron, the postage” (The Archipelago) the journalist Maëlle Brown tells the teens playful of the first lady.

Brigitte Macron, the postage now has his own biography (unauthorized) published in the editions of the Archipelago. The journalist Maëlle Brown has naturally investigated in Amiens and le Touquet, but also in Alsace, where the future first lady lived and is tried in local politics in the 80’s. In this portrait, full of humor, you will discover a Brigitte Trogneux, youngest of a family of six children, ultra-spoiled by her parents, who made the four hundred blows with his girlfriends in the teen years. Do not steal, does it not, the clothes of a few boys in the locker room during their course of sport ?

She also practices at that time and for three years the figure skating in the team amiénoise. Popular, it plays according to Maëlle Brown gladly the factors for distributing the letters of love as her friends, boarders or assigned to residence by parents too strict may not file in the mailboxes of their loved ones. ” It gave a lot of advice in love. It was without doubt the experience of her sisters “, has been entrusted for the purposes of this biography, one of his friends of the time.

We know it, with Emmanuel Macron, met at Amiens, the obstacles they had to overcome together, to be together. At the time of their meeting, Brigitte Trogneux was married to and bore the name of her husband, André-Louis Auzière.

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Brigitte Trogneux

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