When Celine Dion hands a journalist in her place

Proof that Celine Dion is nice, but with character! Present at the premiere of the film “Beauty and the Beast”, the Quebec singer did not fail (gently) to put in his place a journalist whose question did not suit him.

Always very fair and very honest, Céline Dion proved these personality traits again at the premiere of the movie ” The Beauty and the Beast ” in Los Angeles, headlined by Emma Watson.

While she was treading the red carpet, after a few stops in front of the photographers, the singer was questioned by a journalist in a rather abrupt manner. The latter wanted to have his opinion on Adele and Beyonce at the Grammy Awards that took place last month. A question that certainly follows the fact that last year, Celine Dion had told the Grammys that Beyoncé should have won the prize for the best album (for “Lemonade”) that she had just received.

Courteous, Céline Dion did not fail to take it with elegance, affirming that it was not the intention of the evening: “I do not want to be impolite towards you, but I am not here to speak about the Grammys, but To talk about “Beauty and the Beast.” And I hope you know where you are tonight. ”

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