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Entertainment 22 December, 2017


Emmanuel Macron will share a Christmas meal with the members of the air base of Niamey (Niger), Friday 22 December. The chef of the Élysée palace Guillaume Gomez is on the trip and recounts in the pages of Paris Match, behind-the-scenes of this impressive dinner.

Nearly 700 workers, including 500 just for the military. Hundreds of people from the air base of Niamey (Niger) enjoy the Christmas meal with the chef of the kitchens of the Elysée palace, Guillaume Gomez. “Such a meal on a military base, it was never done “, he says in the pages of Paris Match. The chef of the palace keeps the menu a secret to surprise the guests who will be present and present at the table. He has even indicated that the meal will be “enough” for professionals who “need to feed” . “We didn’t put green beans but instead of the gratin dauphinois. A festive meal, but not ostentatious, he promises. Not lobster, or oyster, and a bit of foie gras but not the input “.

In addition, the dinner on the lands of Africa will essentially be composed of the products offered by Rungis. Worked at the Elysée palace, they were then sent to the Niger. Guillaume Gomez has planned everything and has not forgotten the soldiers who will be babysitting on Friday night. It came a week before the big night to develop the right number of servings. Even if the meal will take place on plastic plates and in the foyer of the base, the head chef of the Élysée palace has provided a sweetness for each one. In fact, the guests will all leave with their ballotin of chocolate.

Emmanuel Macron is celebrating its second Christmas in advance. First family, on the weekend of 16 and 17 December last year, he rented a small house on the estate of Chambord to accommodate the children and grandchildren of his wife. They went to lunch in a restaurant very hungry, in the Bacchus in Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher. Thursday, 21 December, he was able to enjoy his birthday cake, made by pastry chef Patrick Agnellet and his son, Louis, at a party, simple on the palate. A pastry soberly named Elysium. Fortunately, the First lady ensures that the president is not eating no junk !

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