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Entertainment 12 January, 2018

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The history of the relationship between Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron has caused much ink to flow. But before Madame Macron, the First lady had another life. In the biography Brigitte Macron, the postage, the first of which extracts were published by Closer, one learns the details of his break-up with her ex-husband, André-Louis Auzière.

Recently, we saw the presidential couple, hand in hand, visiting China, more in love than ever. Affection which, moreover, were surprised the chinese media who were not accustomed to such gestures in public. The love story between Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron has, however, been difficult to assume at the outset. In the biography, Brigitte Macron, the postage, Maëlle Brown, which Closer published the first excerpts, we learn that the French professor has had to say goodbye to her old life to live his love to the big day.

At the time, Brigitte Macron is mrs. Auzière, wife of a banker, André-Louis Auzière. They live in Amiens, and are a couple bit with but very plain. In 1992, the whole thing collapses when animating the drama club, the teacher meets with the young Emmanuel Macron. She said that she felt “awed” by the temperament of the young man and his creativity. Their romance started then and is very frowned upon by their families and their surroundings. An impossible relationship to manage for the husband of Brigitte Trogneux. “When her husband learns the truth, his reaction is violent,” explains the book. Be replaced by a classmate of his daughter by a teen that he has so often received in his home ? This is a wound difficult to heal. And the banker never beats around the bush not : he goes. “André-Louis Auzière did not hesitate, he left the family home immediately. Yet, it is only in 2006 that the divorce will be pronounced. “It was never reviewed ! As if he had vanished , “say two of its neighbors at the time. “It is to be understood. I think it has not been easy to see by the following children appreciate Emmanuel,” reports one of his acquaintances.

With an age difference of 24 years between Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron, this has not been easy to accept this love, to the bourgeois in picardy, of which the First lady is after. “We were outcasts,” said the candidate Running ! during her campaign. During his studies, Emmanuel Macron is very engaged in his relationship with his beloved as his friends were doing a bit of partying. And this investment has paid off. In may 2017, this is before France completely as the man, newly elected president of the Republic, kissed his wife at the carrousel du Louvre.

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