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Entertainment 10 January, 2018

Johnny Hallyday

While the president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron is currently visiting China, a moment of emotion at a formal dinner has caught the attention of the chinese president Xi Jinping.

The presidential couple, Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron, and the French delegation that accompanies them are currently in China since the 7th of January. While Brigitte Macron attracts all eyes with her sense of inimitable style, Emmanuel Macron, for his part, took advantage of the few breaks to fine-tune his chinese. But among the stories of diplomacy playing a big contract, a story more original comes to be reported by the former prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, also of the trip. The politician told the microphone of Europe 1, for a formal dinner, the background music that had been chosen had, in fact, particularly affected : “there was turn away the night. The tenderness… It is very beautiful this song. I took my towel and I wiped away a small tear. And the chinese president has greeted me on this occasion. He was sensitive to this emotion and I am very happy. “

Johnny Hallyday, performer of Remember the night, died on 5 December last year died of cancer of the lungs, against which it fought for months. Jean-Pierre Raffarin, a big fan of the singer for many years, had not hidden be very affected by the news.

Photo credits : Agence / Bestimage

Johnny HallydayJean-Pierre Raffarin

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