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Entertainment 22 December, 2017

Cyril Hanouna

Do not speak of Cyril Hanouna to JoeyStarr. The rapper actor does not support the facilitator, and does not hesitate to say that without chewing his words.

“Fortunately, not all youth are not in front of the magic square watching Hanouna brothel because otherwise France, where she would go ? “. Invited by les Grandes Gueules on RMC this Friday, December 22, Joey Starr did not mince words in speaking of Cyril Hanouna. But be careful not to imply that the rapper clashe the facilitator with whom he is in litigation for months : he hates this word.

“Say what you think, this is clasher someone ? Me, I’m not in there, this is the stuff of pre-pubescent, he says. It means what clasher ? He’s doing shit, they ask me, I say. I have nothing to fuck. If we turned off the tv, it is that Hanouna ? “. Joey Starr attacks in addition to the status of Cyril Hanouna, starifié thanks to its results of hearing on C8. “I have a problem with” the host star “. Before it was called a hostess, dude. “The rapper believes that Cyril Hanouna does not “create” anything, and should not be given so much power. Quick to respond to attacks against him / her, the facilitator should quickly react to attacks Joey Starr – that connects the clashes in recent weeks, including when it comes to make it to Johnny Hallyday.

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