When Johnny Hallyday explained why he had not participated in Enfoirés Gala

Entertainment 18 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

Johnny Hallyday was not a fan of the Enfoirés. After having been a member of the collective end of the 1980s, the Taulier preferred to withdraw. Find out why…

Johnny Hallyday has been a prestigious member of the Enfoirés. The Taulier has participated in four concerts, beginning in 1989, alongside Eddy Mitchell, Véronique Sanson and Jean Jacques Goldman, before you leave the adventure. In his autobiography, In my eyes, co-written with Amanda Sthers, he explains, as identified in the Charts in France, why he preferred to withdraw from the collective to the noble cause : sing for the benefit of the association restos du Coeur, founded by Coluche. “I’ve done the first four concerts. It was good. It was just the singers, remembered it. Now it is the kermesse. It has also become an issue of promotion. And then everyone wants to be there, I do not feel more useful “, taclait the rocker legendary.

The Enfoirés, very little for Johnny Hallyday. Two years later, he reiterated his remarks in Platinum : “I would feel uncomfortable to sing a duet with a dummy of some kind. “It is said… The interpreter of That I love you is not the only one to wear a judgment scathing towards the collective. “The charity organised and good conscience annoy me “, vitupérait Stéphane Guillon at the beginning of October in the Parisian Magazine.

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Johnny Hallyday

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