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Entertainment 23 December, 2017


Throughout his career, Johnny Hallyday has met many artists. Some have even become his friends. But the famous rocker was also known real disappointment…

In the course of his career, Johnny Hallyday has met many artists, actors and political figures, have become over the years, his friends, his partners. The famous rocker has had the chance to rub shoulders with the greatest and this, to the four corners of the planet. But as with any celebrity, there is a part of hypocrisy and superficiality. Johnny Hallyday has experienced ruptures in love painful but also disappointments in friendship… And if he has always entrusted not to be spiteful, the interpreter of “I promise you” no forgave not easy : “When someone betrays once, it is finished, he entrusted it to people’s magazine in 2003. I’m not holding a grudge, but I no longer trust. I believe not to be particularly demanding with my loved ones. I just want the franchise. “

Johnny Hallyday has never forgiven Michel Sardou for his comments towards his little adopted girl Jade : “Now that he has a chalet in Gstaad, Hallyday will be able to put his Viet-Cong on the ski,” he started. A statement offensive which had provoked the wrath of Johnny Hallyday. The two artists have never been reconciled since.

Despite several disappointments, Johnny Hallyday has always been able to count on his friends until his last breath. This is not a coincidence that after the announcement of his death on the night of 5 to 6 December at the age of 74 years, many artists from the music and film industry have expressed their sadness. Some have even made the trip up the Madeleine, the place of the ceremony at the tribute popular visited Paris. Like what, despite the celebrity, Johnny Hallyday has always been surrounded.

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