When Johnny Hallyday was his “girlfriend” Catherine Deneuve to his cousin Gala

Entertainment 17 January, 2018


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Between Johnny Hallyday and Catherine Deneuve, he has had the condition can be more. This is what we can ask the reading of the memories of the cousin of the Taulier.

Seductive, Johnny Hallyday was also a man of shy, reserved. This facet of his personality, few people really know. Only his closest friends have had access to the real Johnny. A generous man, in the opinion of all, ultra-sensitive, which does not support the treason. After Laeticia, the last woman of his life, Johnny has known the joys of a family life calmed down, what he had not known before because of his career ‘ ultra-addictive, and a personal life rich in achievements.

The life of Johnny, we know his injuries (the abandonment by his father), its excesses, its extravagances and the women in his life. Our colleagues on the Evening Mag have found the cousin of Johnny Hallyday, a quiet man very far in show business. It tells you on the Johnny before the fame. At the bend of his memories, he tells of an anecdote which says a lot about the character.

“They were all crazy about him, but he was not yet a lot of insurance. I remember that one day, in his lodge, he said to me : “How do you find my girlfriend ? “” Well, it’s a pretty girl “, I told him. “Are you sure ? “he insisted… It was Catherine Deneuve, had worse at the time in terms of the woman ! “

After the disappearance of the Taulier, Catherine Deneuve has had tender words for the one for which she had“more than affection“. Between the two holy monsters, a story in the duration, with discretion… “We started at the same time, played in a film at the very beginning of our career, we had the same age, ‘” remembered the actress. Catherine Deneuve confides the following : “I’ve seen him often since. I had a lot of affection for him. A little more than affection. A real commitment “, said the actress in an interview with Inrocks.

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