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Entertainment 21 December, 2017


A Los Angeles, Johnny Hallyday consorted Serge Bueno, a friend that he was going to see to discuss around a good bottle of white wine chilled, without his wife Laeticia.

When he lived in Los Angeles, Johnny Hallyday had his habits, his circle of friends. There was first of all to her tattoo artist, the famous Mark Mahoney, who has drawn on the skin of Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, David Beckham, or even Mickey Rourke. According to Paris Match, the rocker took Nicolas Sarkozy, with whom he was very close and he supported when he was a candidate during the 2007 presidential campaign. The policy had allowed himself to be tempted by his friend and was doing a tattoo discreet at the wrist.

Still according to the weekly, he was also Serge Bueno, French installed in the United States since 5 years and specialized in, among others, the restoration of vintage motorcycle the top range, ” says the journal. Obviously, he is devastated by the loss of his friend. “It was a monster of simplicity and kindness,” he remembered with Paris Match.

A buddy for which the rocker was very close. He was looking for his company in particular moments, he entrusted himself to him : “He loved to come and see me at the end of the day to escape a little Laeticia (his wife, editor’s note). I always kept a bottle of chablis at the costs, we settled down outside on the sofas, I went out of pistachios and peanuts and try the world while smoking a cigarette. We were talking about bike, of course, but also things that are more secret”, has mysteriously added Serge Bueno. The ordinary moments of a star’s extraordinary.


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