When Kim Kardashian gets his face cropped

Entertainment 3 January, 2017

While Kim Kardashian is preparing his big media return, his makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic unveiled photos taken during a very intimate makeup session …

“What really happens before a red carpet?” Asks Mario Dedivanovic on his Instagram account. The preferred makeup artist Kim Kardashian has revealed a series of photos where the young woman appears in positions at least suggestive. And for good reason, the star of reality reality is made make up the intimate parts. A sense of detail at the height of the event in question.

These photographs take us behind the scenes of the MTV VMAs ceremony, in August 2016, a must-see event for all music stars. She had scored a major coup in winning back his image of e sexy woman after her second delivery. “You thought I was only working on my face?” The make-up artist laughs.

You thought I only worked on the face? BTS glam from the VMAs today on KKW app. #MakeupByMarioA photo published by Mario Dedivanovic
A powdery return

Very quiet since his break in Paris, Kim Kardashian is organizing a comeback on the media scene through the world of makeup. She will play the guinea pigs of Mario Dedivanovic during a masterclass in Dubai on January 13th. Tickets to attend have sold out in a few hours, which gives the thirties a great opportunity to return to its fans. For several days, his makeup artist prepares this event by publishing photos of preparation sessions never before unveiled to the public. A nice advertisement for a cleverly orchestrated return.