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Entertainment 11 December, 2017


They are the two that have been the beating heart of Johnny, have helped the rocker to live. Its landmarks, its pillars. Together, they have buried the hatchet and have accompanied Johnny Hallyday, in the face of cancer.

This could be the case too. The published message using the account Facebook of Laura, in which we learned for the first time that his father had been diagnosed with a serious cancer, would be able to again sow discord within the clan Hallyday. If the girl Johnny was quick to deny being the author, against a computer piracy, we held our breath. Since then, the hacker was assumed to be arrested and heard by the Brigade for the repression of crime against the person. For its part, Laeticia Hallyday did not want to take. Laura will Laura, a horse, indomitable, and a long time ago that Laeticia was accepted. It will not be able to change it. When Laeticia has made the trip to Paris, the 14th of march last, to receive the Price Clarins child, the daughter of the singer was absent. It is as well.

So far, the clan plays the score of the sacred union. Not worth it to add stress to the concern. There are moments, in the history of a family, where it is necessary to know to make the weapons, forget the strife. As this December, 9, place de la Madeleine, where families Hallyday were shown to be united. But in the aftermath of this tribute, already the first dissension ? David and Laura went to St Barth by their own means, and not in the plane chartered by Laeticia Hallyday for his daughters and friends.

Cases of force majeure where a united front is needed with so much intensity that we would like the whole of his life if we could not. During the illness of Johnny Laura Smet, thirty-three years, and Laeticia Hallyday, forty-two years, have forgotten the rivalries. At first glance, however, there are more than twenty years, these two had not quite appreciated. When eight years apart, hardly separate a mother-in-law of a daughter-in-law, it is unlikely that the contact passes with the fluidity necessary for a good communication…

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