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Entertainment 19 December, 2017


The interview with Emmanuel Macron by Laurent Delahousse, broadcast on France 2 Sunday, December 17, has not been unanimous. Even Laurence Haïm, who has been the spokesperson of the leader of power during his presidential campaign, has issued some criticism of the style of the interviewer.

Laurence Haim may well have been the spokesperson Emmanuel Macron when he was in the presidential campaign, she has not forgotten her reflexes journalist. The ex-correspondent in Washington has watched the interview of the head of State granted to Laurent Delahousse, broadcast on Sunday 17 December on France 2, and criticised for its docility. The former reporter did not hesitate to make his criticisms at the microphone of Europe 1 on Tuesday.

“When you interview a president in the United States, there are issues which are very incisive, she first compared. I really like Laurent Delahousse, and I’m not going to make the language of wood because it is not in my habits. But, it should, in my opinion, to go further into the important issues “, continued Laurence Haïm. “There are questions, on the Christmas tree for example, which are nice but, when one has the possibility of dealing with a president who does not speak much, I believe it is, at best, try to ask the questions that sometimes make people angry”, she justified.

The style of Laurent Delahousse does definitely not unanimous. The journalist has been criticised after this interview for his tone felt to be too bland and its issues missing asperity. The maintenance has been concluded by the issue on the christmas tree at the Elysee, of which he made reference to Laurence Haïm, during which the journalist has just asked the president : “It is a difficult period for the French, you tell them ‘Do not be afraid of all these revolutions, that I propose to you ?’ “A question copiously mocked by observers.

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