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Entertainment 19 December, 2017


Emmanuel Macron has granted a long interview to Laurent Delahousse of France 2. An interview that was widely commented upon on the social networks. According to the journalists of the émisison a Daily basis, the interview of the head of State is very similar to that of David Muir, the american journalist who had interviewed Donald Trump at the White House last January.

The interview with Emmanuel Macron by Laurent Delahousse on France 2, has been strongly criticized. Many have criticized the tone too self-indulgent of the journalist to the head of the State. Laurence Haim, the former spokesperson Emmanuel Macron today returned to the United States, has openly criticized the journalist-star of France 2au micro Europe 1. “There are questions, on the Christmas tree for example, which are nice but, when one has the possibility of dealing with a president who does not speak much, I believe it is, at best, try to ask the questions that sometimes make people angry” she remarked.

Far from a regular maintenance, Laurent Delahousse would he have wished to break the codes of the interview, inventing his own style ? The team of Yann Barthes investigated. Far from imagining a new way to interview a president of the Republic, Laurent Delahousse would, in fact, largely inspired from what is done overseas. David Muir, an american journalist has interviewed the president of the United States Donald Trump at the White House on the 17th of January last, and the maintenance looks a lot like the one led by Laurent Delahousse with Emmanuel Macron. The journalists of the Daily broadcasting have compared the two interviews on the social networks. And indeed, the questions asked, and realization of the interview are quite similar between Paris and Washington.

The interview of Macron by Delahousse it was SO original ? With us, it made us think of it ⤵️#Quotidienpic.twitter.com/z7QT6yjtGA

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