When Miss France breaks out with family at Disneyland Paris

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

She has reigned for ten days hardly … But already Alicia Aylies has been granted a few days of rest. Only “hic”, the election having taken place on December 17 in Montpellier, impossible to organize his return to Guyana as it should in such a short time. The company Miss France has decided to offer him and his mother and grandmother a few hours of enchantment at Disneyland Paris …

Hours after the verdict of his election as Miss France 2017, his mother, Marie-Chantal, we confided be totally disoriented the idea of having to postpone his return to Cayenne … instructor driving school, to head His own agency recently, the mother of Miss France was stirred to have to organize his absence. Ten days later, she does not regret anything! Alicia, who has bracketed her studies of law, to devote herself to her Miss France year, under the sign of glamor, beauty and travel she hopes for!
If Marie-Chantal was able to attend the first steps of his daughter, Alicia Aylies , as an ambassador of the French beauty, she especially enjoy a nice trip to Disneyland at Christmas. Being far from home, in such circumstances, is not always obvious, but with her unique and adored daughter, newly sacred queen of beauty: it was a dream awake.
Alicia, her mother and grandmother took advantage of this place of enchantment and wonders, in which they had never come. Eager to discover Paris and its surroundings, Miss France has been able to admire the most magical part, escorted by Mickey himself  !
Housed since the day after her election, in the seventeenth arrondissement of Paris, Alicia will probably have new opportunities to return to enjoy the park in all seasons. In the meantime, she takes advantage of this extraordinary end of year. And the best is yet to come …