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Entertainment 12 December, 2017


In the Face of the enthusiasm that sparked her love affair with Johnny Hallyday with the media, Nathalie Baye has done to prohibit it, not without annoyance, any question about their couple.

Johnny Hallyday and Nathalie Baye have formed one of the couples in the most unexpected of the 80’s. Fallen under the spell of one another when they met on the filming of a sketch called ‘ What’s new my pretty ?, in 1982, the actress and the rocker have lived three wonderful years of love marked by the birth of their daughter, Laura, in 1983. But their relationship has intrigued more than one. And for good reason, Nathalie Baye has always been the exact opposite of the first great love of Johnny, Sylvie Vartan. The couple has therefore generated many questions from the media, who had the gift to annoy the main parties concerned.

In the Face of the flood of media coverage, Nathalie Baye has not had other choice than to censor any question about her idyll with Johnny Hallyday. “When I met Johnny, I was an actress already famous and I didn’t want to that questions asked there above, said it recently to the Point, on the occasion of the release of the movie The Guardian, where she co-starred with her daughter Laura Smet. It was a subject that was closed, I asked the press officers to prohibit this question. ”

Yet the questions about their story of love has never ceased and, even 30 years after their separation. Nathalie Baye has had to learn to relativize. “Now, I have the benefit of hindsight. It was interested because the press is in disrepair and it did sell. And then Johnny, this is Johnny, this is a bit of the Eiffel tower. Our couple was so surprised by the people. For them, it was a curious association, we considered it oddly. But it’s still a man for whom I have infinite tenderness. ”

Despite their break-up in 1986, Nathalie Baye and Johnny Hallyday have always been close. When the rocker has confirmed that he suffered from lung cancer, the actress rushed to her bedside on several occasions and was also present during his hospitalization at the clinic Bizet while he was suffering from respiratory distress. Wishing him a last farewell, Nathalie Baye has finally witnessed the heartfelt homage rendered to her ex-boyfriend on Saturday, December 8, at the church of the Madeleine, in Paris. It has not, however, been noticed at his funeral, held on Monday, December 11, at St. Bartholomew’s.


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