When NLP invites in the fashion show of Balmain in Fashion Week

Entertainment 25 January, 2017

PNL impresses. The phenomenon of the Tarterets exceeds the industry of rap céfran. The two (half) long hair rappers made an unprecedented appearance at the parade man Balmain at the Fashion Week in Paris
Invited to the world’s coolest festival (Coachella), validated in the States by the magazine The Fader or the arisen MIA, PNL continues to put everyone in agreement. After having enjoyed their taste for fashion, Onizuka interpreters (often displayed with signed Nike sneakers, Dsquared2 or Puma in their music videos or concerts) made an unprecedented appearance at the parade of Balmain man when Fashion Week 2017 in Paris. Yes, you have read correctly: Ademo and NOS were invited to the table of the biggest.
Decidedly, we will have seen everything during the man week of Paris Fashion Week. If Louis Vuitton has decided to cozy up to Supreme for collaboration (in) expected , Balmain, meanwhile, teamed with NLP … almost. And no, Ademo and NOS were not physically there but their music has set the parade of decorated Balmain . The famous French fashion house used part of the Onizuka instrumental to introduce the parade. Like what, rap can also make a place in the middle of haute-couture.