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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


A new controversy has just been launched on the web about Edouard Philippe. The prime minister returned from New Caledonia with a specially chartered aircraft. And this request has a cost : 350,000 euros.

The return of Edouard Philippe from New Caledonia has not gone unnoticed. On the contrary. In order to return to France, the prime minister and his delegation boarded an aircraft specially chartered for them : an A340 and a luxury. The goal ? To save a few hours, according to Matignon. It is the AFP that has revealed the information, according to which the prime minister had chartered this plane to a lessor private, composed of 100 seats, first-class, allowing “to avoid completing the journey in a device of the State considered to be too uncomfortable,” one can read.

The prime minister would have won only two hours. Indeed, on 6 December last year, the air force plane landed at 9: 30am at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle, while Edouard Philippe was already on the tarmac of Orly airport at 7.30 am. These few hours would have allowed the prime minister to return in time to attend the council of defense provided for in the Elysée palace in the morning.

Interviewed, Edouard Philippe said “take completely” the use of this private flight between Tokyo and Paris : “I understand that the are, as soon as one speaks of the displacement of the prime minister or the president, are always impressive (…) It is complicated to move the prime minister, and it is expensive. I fully understand the surprise and questions that arose among the French “, he explained to the microphone of RTL Wednesday, December 20.

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