When should we change his bed linen ?

Health 31 January, 2018


Published the 31.01.2018 at 14: 00


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We spend on average 7 hours per night in our bed and sweat about a gallon of water or more in the summer. Over the days, micro-organisms such as bacteria, mites and germs from invading the sheets. The airway may be affected ; in case of allergy or asthma, the symptoms may even be exacerbated. Long exposure to dust mites can also trigger coughing, sneezing, and, therefore, affect the quality of sleep. The subject is therefore to be taken seriously.

Why frequently changing your linens ?

Even if you fold after having taken a shower, other substances become dispersed in the bed linen, such as hair, hair, dead skin, fungal infections, dandruff, saliva, creams… In an interview granted to the Atlantico, the Dr. Stéphane Gayet explains that the mites feed on “dead cells that are superficial (dander) that we lose every day, especially at night. The dead skin of each individual every day (1 mg) allows you to feed many thousands of mites for months : this fact allows to understand their phenomenal proliferation. Thus, when the conditions are optimal, there may be several million individuals in a mattress”.

At what point is it necessary to change them ?

Of course, your bed will not be impregnated the same way, depending on if you sleep alone, or to both, in your pajamas or bare wire(s). If you sleep alone and you shower in the evening, you can change your sheets every two weeks. Conversely, if you sleep with two, bare, (e), that you have a habit of snacking in bed or that you shower in the morning, it is recommended to change them every week. The washing will eradicate any microbes that have found refuge in your bed. Also remember to ventilate your living space, including the room, at least 10 minutes per day.