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Entertainment 12 January, 2018


She has said too much. June Kenton, founder of bras Elizabeth II, has published a book in which she relates her work to Buckingham Palace. And in the eyes of the queen, she reveals a little too much on the underside of the crown.

There are things not to tell about the queen of England. Especially in a book. Especially if you are the person responsible for manufacturing their bras. June Kenton, who has long designed and adjusted those of Elizabeth II, has yet made fi caution to the wind by writing Storm in a D-Cup Storm in a D-cup, in French), a book on his years spent working for the royal family of England. And of course, this has not pleased the queen, which was immediately stop any form of relationship with the company of lingerie, Rigby & Peller, who worked with the crown for nearly 60 years. Too bad for Meghan Markle, who will soon join the family.

The author said he was very surprised of the reaction of Elizabeth II. “I only have to say that I went to the palace, I have not talked about what happened, she explained to the BBC. I’ve never talked about what I was doing there with the queen. “In his eyes, she only tell their own story, without revealing details too intimate on the queen of England. The few information of the book were enough to displease Buckingham, whose representatives had indicated to him “not liking” what was posted. If she has a sense of humor, better is not worth too much away when it comes below the queen.

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