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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


Gérard Collomb has decided to invite his entire family to spend the holidays of Christmas and new year’s in Paris. According to The Point, the minister of the Interior, requisitioned a vehicle and two police officers for the transportation of his wife, his children and their cat.

Gérard Collomb has already planned everything for the transport of nine members of his family and their cat in Paris, during the Christmas season. According to The verge, the office of the minister of the Interior had to requisition a vehicle and two police officers, during a period where the number of personnel are on vacation and, therefore, reduced. These two police officers of the protection service (SLDP) are normally in position at the garage Beauvau and Penthièvre in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. They would have had to be to only constantly on the 25th of December and 1st of January but with this mobilization, they will now have to drive in the capital of the children and the wife of Gérard Collomb from 23 December to 2 January.

The cabinet of the minister was required to state that”a vehicle is mobilized for the wife and the daughters of the minister, but the family that comes to see it has its own vehicle, which will be parked in the courtyard Beauvau…” there will be two vehicles together, with flashing lights and drivers of the sub-directorate of resources, for visitors by the minister of the Interior. “It is a mission taxi as we say in the jargon, Sometimes, our service is used for the comfort of a few, it serves to shine a VIP, argues a security officer in the office for almost ten years. While our mission is the security of the State. The SDLP is in total disarray, it is not by chance if we find it so hard to recruit. If it was a matter of protection, including the wife of the minister and of his children, the safety device would have been totally different.”

Gérard Collomb is not the only minister to see things in a big way. The AFP has revealed, on Tuesday, 19 December, Edouard Philippe and his delegation have made it part of their return from New Caledonia in a plane A340 luxury rented 350 000 euros by the State, on 5 December. An obligation for the Prime minister, who explained to happen in metropolis before the departure of Emmanuel Macron to Algeria, on the 6th of December last.

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