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Entertainment 13 December, 2017


Andrée Sarkozy, the so-called Dadou, died Wednesday, December 13, at the age of 92 years. The mother of Nicolas Sarkozy accompanied sometimes his son during his political meetings. She was good friends with his “girlfriends” Rachida Dati and NKM.

Nicolas Sarkozy is in mourning : his tender mother, Andree, said Dadou, died Wednesday, December 13, at the age of 92 years. The mother-in-law of Carla Bruni and the grandmother of the little Giulia had a fragile health in recent years, with numerous hospitalizations. A matriarch very much appreciated by all, including members of the government that had trained his son from the time he was the president of the Republic. She was close to : she accompanied Nicolas Sarkozy during his political meetings, official trips, including the one in China in 2008.

At the time, in an interview Point-of-view in 2007, it had not dried up praise on her friend Rachida Dati and NKM, with which she was particularly well. “There was a lot of fun with the girls of the government with which I am pretty girlfriend. Rachida, I laugh a lot with her and the little Nathalie (Kosciusko-Morizet) it is really very good. It is polytechnique ! “had entrusted to Andrée Sarkozy.

In addition to his friendships, the mother of the ex-head of the State has a lot of admiration for Christine Lagarde, at the time minister of Economy : “It me amazes by its appearance. It is brilliant ! I have spoken with her with the two girls (Rachida Dati and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet), but we have seen at the meeting in Shanghai, it was a hit ! “


Rachida DatiAnd Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet

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