When these characters realize that they have really fucked, you’re compassionate even if it’s only a movie

Cinema 17 January, 2017

You see yourself in their place, it reminds you of the moments when you were mad at death too, so you see the thing thoroughly. Ah, it’s horrible, to realize that we have dismayed.
One is never better served than by oneself. Including to mess up something in large widths. The worst – finally it makes sense otherwise you would not be seized with fright and regret – is that they wanted to do well at the base. But there’s a time when it’s slipped.
The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack
In love with Christmas, the scarecrow does his best to participate in the party. He wants to make people happy and bring his stone to the building, so he motivates himself! Except that Jack kidnaps Santa Claus and offers vampire fluff the children crying … He was not yet ready, too bad.
Constance lives with Edward a posed relationship, living comfortably in a house not far from New York. Everything rolls, tranquillou. Until she met Paul, a young dealer of rare books. She cracks and puts a hell of a knife in the contract … And commits the ball to forget a gift of Edward in the apartment of her lover. So when her husband expected the bastard to his house, and he discovered his gift, he freaking skull and dandy with glass globe . Panic, will make a body disappear and live with it on consciousness when you are not used to.
Spiderman 3
The nice Peter Parker has not been himself for several weeks. And for good reason, he was contaminated by the symbiote, a somewhat disgusting viscous matter that will take possession of him one night. Superman becomes dark, pessimistic, paranoid, wicked, cruel, childish … In short, an asshole. Except that Peter can do nothing, he no longer controls the guy. After, will explain this to mary-Jane who takes a big mandala and ends on the floor of the bar, in front of everyone … For once, Peter admits he is clueless on and control nothing, and can see that ‘He committed like a big dumpling.
Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith
Yes, Darth Vader was not always a bastard. There is a heart that beats under this costume. Finally, there was in any case. For his beautiful Padme, he was ready for anything. If he leans precisely on the dark side, well sold by Palpatine, it is to save the mother of his future child that he has seen die in his dreams. To prevent this, he does everything the other manipulator asks him, including de-zing all the Jedis. When Obi-Wan tells Padme about this, she does not believe him and takes a direct ship to see Anakin and talk about it. Obi-Wan unless it is hidden, so when Anakin seen, he believes that his wife has betrayed him . Then he strangles her, crazy with rage. Later, he wakes up and zapped. It is Palpatine who teaches it. Not only the death of Padme, but that he is responsible …
No one waited for the captain of the Costa Concordia to imagine disastrous scenes on a boat. Especially since it was enough to look at history to find material, especially Titanic. When the freighter touches too much an iceberg and sinks, it is panic on board. The manager William Murdoch is trying to manage the situation, organize the climbs in the boats . Obviously, some do not want to wait wisely, two guys try a breakthrough … and have their skin punctured. It was Willy who cracked, exasperated. Shocked and disgusted by himself, he committed suicide.
The mist
Another adaptation of Stephen King that is cold in the back. It is good to imagine situations twisted and flippant, force is to note. Here, David, his wife Stephanie and their son Billy kiffe the life. The whole village, too. And suddenly, a sick mist falls on them, monsters kill people in every way, it’s the apocalypse. In the end, Stephanie is passed, David is with his son and three other survivors in hand, trying to flee. And there, the scope of the outage, but less funny … Convinced that they will spend, they let David’s butt. Except he only has four balls. As a result, he must go out to get eaten by the monsters. And finally discovers that the army has solved the problem … A few seconds too late … He stopped his son for nothing. Worse than that, there’s no way. Which scene hurts you the most?