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Entertainment 20 October, 2017


The former presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has an elder daughter and twins, girl and boy, and seems to be creating a stepfamily welded with its companion Louis Aliot.

Marine Le Pen evokes very little of his private life. Fact of no little importance, she had three children in a year. Jehanne, the eldest was born in 1998 when the twins Mathilde and Louis saw the light of day in 1999. The daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen divorced her a year later their father Franck Chauffroy, a contractor who provided furniture for the national Front during the holidays ” Blue-white-red “, as said by Alix Bouilhaguet in his book The corridor of Mrs (Editions of the Observatory). Their grand-mother, Pierrette, installed on the family estate of Montretout has invested to help this mother, now single after a second divorce, to raise her three children.

“Very family “, as stated in his book, the editor-in-chief of France 2, Marine Le Pen and her companion Louis Aliot form a clan recomposed welded. The three children became major of the former candidate to the presidential election in addition, in fact, the two children of the leader of the rassemblement bleu marine also divorced. The latter has the custody of her children-aged 16 and 13 years old – a weekend on two and half of vacation. He lives in Province and found his girlfriend that weekend, as the story Alix Bouilhaguet. He spends most of his time in Millas, Pyrénées-orientales. She joined him for the holiday, concludes the author of The corridor Madam. Marine Le Pen said to the latter, about their family life future, if she were to be elected, it would in any case be installed at the Elysee. Adding, by way of conclusion about his companion : “With his fucking character, he will not be first lady “.

Marine Le Pen, Louis Aliot

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