Who are the Red Heads, the most ardent fans of Céline Dion?

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

This fan community does not hesitate to respond when the honor of Celine Dion is at stake Matthew Delormeau, documentary producer. Celine and Rene: life without him , is well placed to know.
They do not miss anything, and do not let anything pass. Celine Dion guardian of the temple, the Red Heads community (the Red Caps in VF), which considers Céline Dion Addict s is involved or responsible for the wave of indignation that followed the broadcast on NRJ12 the January 14 documentary Celine and Rene: life without him . Since that night, they have plenty arrested on the same documentary producer Matthew Delormeau via Twitter, even forcing him to react . All of their grievances is summarized in the video seen here after their Facebook account.
Who are they ? Their website tells their story, dating back to July 2008 when Dion was happening under his Taking Chances Tour at the Main Square Festival in Arras, in northern France. Story: ” A few weeks before the concert, fans wanted to take the opportunity of a show taking place outdoors, in order to offer a Céline gift from the heart. They organize together, spread the word, and decide to bring back red balloons that they would inflate at the time of the song My Love. So far, nothing exceptional, a fan of history like the others … ”
However, the welcome of the initiative was exceptional : ” On the day, the time to set up the surprise, we see on the giant screen behind Celine that are not dozens, but thousands of balloons dot the public first to last rows … like thousands of little red heads … in the rain, wind, fans exchange glances satisfied and happy … We hear the crowd roar with pleasure, Celine in love is delighted … ”
The Red Caps (Red Heads VO) were born . They recognize each other at Celine Dion’s concerts with their T-shirts and caps of the same color. Their purpose? Demonstrate their ” commitment to Céline while serving a maximum of interests ” and ” organize events helping to live the fervor surrounding Céline “. So many gatherings, before and after the concerts of the star, in France and abroad.
To be included, we must accept this “moral contract” four-point ” Love Celine and wanting to show him” otherwise “; Its sole objective is to serve its interests; To behave impeccably with other Red Heads: tolerance, openness, whatever his / her membership in a blog or forum, or other such site; The qualities of the perfect Red Heads: open, supportive, disciplined, responsive, and … FAN  ! ” In short, fans, true.