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Entertainment 12 January, 2018


A sister discreet. Françoise Berger, said Franka, was the sister of Michel Berger. Blurred with France Gall, it is not expected to attend the funeral of the singer. The two women are torn apart a few years ago, because of the tomb of Michel Berger.

It will probably won’t see to the burial of France Gall – unless she wants to give her respects to her brother. Françoise Berger, said Franka, discreet, sister of Michel Berger, flees from the photographers. And was not on good terms with France Gall for several years, because of moving of the tomb of the singer. She wanted that it rests with their father, when the singer hoped to make him join their daughter Pauline : she finally won the battle when the justice had ruled. Michel Berger rests with Pauline in a mausoleum of glass to the amazing secrets, and France Gall is going to now join them.

Rather be a follower of a life away from the media, Franka Shepherd has little shown. It is described by Marlène Jobert in his autobiography, output in 2014, cited by Téléstar : friends, the two women were enrolled in the same course of dramatic art. “A small brunette with eyes of ebony, whose cheerfulness and enthusiasm constant revigoraient all those who approached him, wrote the actress. Franka was, for me, a friend exciting and valuable. Always involved in a thousand projects. Even today, she still has that same momentum. “

Franka Shepherd practiced by elsewhere, like his brother, the piano. She was particularly close to any of Véronique Sanson, which precipitated his falling out with France Gall, who could not bear his old rival.

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