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Entertainment 11 September, 2017


William Leymergie is back on C8 this Monday in William at noon. His eldest son, Gery, works also in the middle of the television, but unlike his father, he was rather in the shade. It has produced two of the shows flagship M6 : Hand-Stitched and The Best Pastry chef.

Young producer promising, Gery Leymergie, eldest son of William Leymergie, is also passionate about the small screen. While his father prepares to make his comeback this Monday noon on C8, in its new issue William at noon, Gery, for him, was launched at the end of August, the third season of the show, which he produced for M6, Hand-Stitched, presented by the bubbly Cristina Cordula. A season that promises “a casting “incredible” creations, always more ” trendy and fashion “, according to the facilitator. Soon, M6 will broadcast also the new season of the Best Pastry chef, also produced by Gery Leymergie.


Passed by the editorial staff of Télé 7 jours and the service cast of Fort Boyard, the thirty year old is interested in all facets of the television. Today, he seems to have found his way. I like the idea of following a program at all stages of its design, the know-how to 360 degrees. I love the diversity, movement, moving from one subject to another, interest me at all. In fact, I don’t know get too bored”, told the young man at the Gala in 2014, speaking of his job as a producer.


With his partner, Sybille, Géry is the proud father of two little girls : Charlie, 2 and a half years, and Romy, 1 year and 3 months. Like his father, he seems to put a point of honour to reconcile his very active business life with his personal life and family. At the Gala, he had entrusted his dreams for the future : I would like to produce a series. And then, one day, why not, from the United States with my little family and create there entertainment as only the Americans know how to imagine it.” Encouraged from a very young age by his father, Gery Leymergie is not the type to give up its ambitions…


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