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Entertainment 18 August, 2017


Odile Soudant is a ponte in the field of lighting events and architectural buildings. Head of the department for light to Ateliers Jean Nouvel, she has worked with many artists, architects and curators, between Paris, London and Ibiza, on new approaches to lighting that appeal to the emotions and to a constant research of elegance.

Odile Soudant is a visual artist recognized. She began to exercise his art in the years 1990-2000 in fashionable events, performances, and in productions of concerts, to work on the scenography in particular. Then in 2000, after having directed a documentary for a travelling exhibition on the work of the architect Jean Nouvel, as well as two short films in fiction, she specializes in urban. It spends most of its time to the design and realisation of installations and equipment monumental and urban. She is mature his work on light and optics, and, in fact, concepts in the area urban. Identified for its capacity to stage the games of light in the urban fabric and architectural, she joined the renowned architectural firm of Jean Nouvel, and founded the department light. This agency will make enriching encounters with artists, architects and curators. This diversity of accumulated knowledge has led her to develop and think of new approaches to lighting that combines emotion and elegance.

In 2009, she finally decided to set up his own design company, light called Lights Studio. She now works between Paris, Ibiza and London. In particular, it has highlighted the office of the RATP with ARM architecture in Paris, but also a part of the city of Shenzhen (China), the historic monuments and sites of the city of Laval (Mayenne), or the aquatic centre in le Havre, Les Bains des Docks, designed by the Ateliers Jean Nouvel. In 2013, she signed the death warrant of his company by launching the project of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to shed light on their castle of Miraval in the south of France. According to his statements to the newspaper Liberation, because of the outstanding torque of star, Odile Soudant sees his company being placed in judicial liquidation in 2016. Finally, on the 19th of April last, she wins the case face justice. One of the companies of the two personalities to the obligation to pay 565 000 euros to the artist as well as 60 000 euros for damage to image and reputation. We can still admire all of his work at the château de Miraval in advertising My Guerlain that Angelina Jolie is the muse.

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