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Entertainment 17 August, 2017


Simon Carpentier died of cancer Sunday, August 13. Artist since childhood, the singer has mounted with his friend Victor Solf the group Her, whose melodies and words will want an ode to the woman. It is inspired notably from blues, jazz and soul to shape his music.

Simon Carpentier and Victor Solf met at Rennes in Brittany. Their paths crossed on the bench of the school. In 2007, they invest in a first group of pop, The Popopopops. Simon Carpentier is adept at the saxophone and the guitar while Victor Solf control the keyboard and singing. They will work together and in 2015, they are going to give birth to a music group named Her. A group who became known mostly by his title Fives Minutes, which will be taken up later by the company Apple in an advertisement. They released two eps, the first, Tape #1, and then the second in 2017, which is entitled “Tape #2. Two disks that condense the strength of modern soul tunes that reflect the name of the group in their ode to the woman. They then use the blues, jazz and soul, to serve the sensuality and the femininity.

In parallel, Simon is fighting cancer. “Simon lives with his illness ever since. This is something that we have forged, said Victor Solf to Franceinfo. A lot of our titles to speak of. “On the 10th July last, the singer has publicly announced his illness on the page Facebook group : “I’m fighting against a cancer since a few years now. My family, my friends, music and especially live concerts give me a lot of strength to endure the treatments and to spend good moments” , he started. Unfortunately, cancer affects too many people, and some of you are surely concerned. It is a difficult experience but I believe that it is necessary to try to make it rewarding. It is important not to give up, or get overwhelmed by the fear. It is necessary to live, focus on what you can do and surround yourself with people who are dear to us to better get through the hard times. The disease can sometimes take a step back, focus on the important things in life and to be closer to loved ones.

On the 13th of August last, Simon Carpentier dies as a result of his cancer. A lot of personalities like the singer Louane paid him tribute. He is joined by his age the famous club artists who died at 27 years of age. But its disappearance does not mean the end of the group. His partner and friend Victor Solf says in the announcement of his death on the page Facebook of the group Her : “Simon was my best friend, my colleague, my brother-in-arms. Together, we made a promise. The promise to continue at all costs this wonderful adventure. Today, it is his legacy that I carry with me and it is my will and that of the whole team for Her to continue to take our music as far as possible “. On tour since this summer and in the midst of creating his first album, the group Her to be present at Rock en Seine on Saturday 26 August.

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