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While Donald Trump falls in the polls, his wife Melania is becoming more and more in the hearts of Americans. Behind this turnaround, the work of a brilliant interconnecting…

Spread the word and to solemnize the image of Melania Trump, this is his job since march, 2017. A mission impossible, because of the personality mutique, and of the sexy attitude is cultivated by the ex-top slovenian until the inauguration of Donald Trump, a year ago.

Promoted to director of communication of the First lady shortly before the latter decides to move in to the White House, Stephanie Grisham, however, has done the unthinkable : with 55% in favour, according to a Gallup poll dating back to last December, “the woman trophy” of the 45th President of the United States – culminating with him to 55% unfavorable opinions – has captivated Us by its discretion and its conduct.

The genius of Grisham : detached gradually Melania of her husband, to the point to announce at the last minute that it would not be at Davos, while positioning themselves as a wife and mother of a family of dedicated professionals.

As soon as he took office, the spokesman of the First lady justified the reluctance of the latter to move to the White House, as well as the blur around the causes they wished to continue, by its concern not to who will leave school with the young Barron Trump in the course of the year and his willingness to think well about his struggles as First lady.

On the 26th of January last, as the world wondered about the strength of the couple Trump and the state of mind of Melania, Grisham – without ever explicitly deny rumors of an affair between the President and a porn actress, in the course of the year 2006 – noted that “the traditional media” to make the relay “speculation salacious and without merit,” about the First lady, to ” focus on his family and on his role. “

BREAKING:The laundry list of salacious & flat-out false reporting about Mrs. Trump by tabloid publications & TV shows has seeped into the “main stream media” reporting. She is focused on her family & role as FLOTUS – not the unrealistic scenarios being peddled daily by the fake news.

— Stephanie Grisham (@StephGrisham45) January 26, 2018

Four days hours later, Melania Trump was also under the dome of the Capitol to support the speech of her husband on the state of the Union. An appearance applauded by the elected republicans, oblivious to the symbolism of his suits with white pants and unmindful of the fact that the First lady had not borrowed the presidential limousine. A balancing act, smoothly orchestrated by Stephanie Grisham, especially.

This quadra, the blue eyes piercing and jaw volunteer, don’t forget what it owes to Donald Trump. Called it “a wonderful rookie” by Melania, at the time of his appointment, the director of communications of the First lady was found by her husband, during the presidential election campaign. A Native of Arizona, she has raised 49% of the votes in that state is deemed to have been given to Hillary Clinton. Amazed, Donald Trump has driven in its wake, up to Washington, by the following.

Merry Christmas from #TeamTrump in Mobile, AL! @HannahSalem knows how to decorate Christmas trees (and sport a backpack). #ThankYouTour2016pic.twitter.com/yIvrkXKeBu

— Stephanie (@OMGrisham) December 17, 2016

The advantages of Stephanie Grisham, first appointed to the press service of the White House ? A capacity of total investment. Mobilized by the presidential campaign, she would not have seen his two sons, Jake and Kurtis for almost 6 months. “A small sacrifice, compared to the interest of the country,” she said. Last June, it formalized its move to Washington, with a photo of boxes from the Arizona native.

Text from my son upon arrival home. #CampaignLifepic.twitter.com/MXcYt94bUJ

— Stephanie (@OMGrisham) June 18, 2016

Its handling of journalists is another of its strong points. Rather than overwhelm them, as the majority of the campaign team of Donald Trump, Grisham took care to sympathize with them in 2016. Ensuring that some have enough to eat during meetings, rolling up to other oranges with informative messages during flights…

Bless @OMGrisham, who fed me a cookie tonight and saved everyone from my hanger.

— Ali Vitali (@alivitali) October 21, 2016

Just me & a few of my closest press friends holding in a room in Florida on the eve of Thanksgiving. pic.twitter.com/mI4l63Eoda

— Stephanie (@OMGrisham) November 23, 2016

We had a bday on the @realDonaldTrump press flat tonight…so I served the pizza & cake🎂 #campaign2016pic.twitter.com/Vcoz9VBt4Z

— Stephanie (@OMGrisham) August 25, 2016

…the orange was answered by our traveling press director Stephanie Grisham (@OMGrisham), & read, ” YES!! “signed” -Grisham ” pic.twitter.com/8waROU5DAz

— Noah Gray (@NoahGrayCNN) September 21, 2016

Became a spokesperson for the First lady, accompanying him in most of his official trips, like to Paris last July, it prevents today to put themselves forward, flees even the photographers. A strategy that seems to have pleased to Melania…

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