Who is the biggest actor in Hollywood?

Entertainment 29 December, 2016

She leads the ranking of the most profitable Hollywood actors, released Tuesday by the magazine Forbes . At the level of the best earnings, it declines sharply.

It generated $ 1.2 billion in 2016. According to the magazine Forbes , Scarlett Johansson is the most profitable actress of Hollywood this year. But it is far from being the best paid.
The actress arrived at the top of the ranking published Tuesday evening. His role in Captain America: Civil War is for many. First in worldwide box office, the latest Marvel generated $ 1.15 billion. Scarlett Johansson also participated in smaller productions like Ave Caesar! The Cohen brothers. It thus climbed to the top spot of Forbes , before the other two headliners Civil War, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr . And could further widen the gap if the classification incorporated animated films, since ‘ she lent her voice to The Band and The Jungle Book.
If it is the most profitable, it is far from being the best paid. In the ranking of the highest paid actors, it only arrives … nineteenth. The top spot back to Dwayne Johnson , with the poster of almost secret agents, monitoring Jackie Chan and Matt Damon . Of the top twenty, there are only three women: Jennifer Lawrence, actress best paid in 2016 with $ 46 million , Melissa McCarthy , and Scarlett Johansson. In 2016, it earned $ 25 million. A sum far from the 64.5 million touched by Dwayne Johnson.