Who is the new companion of Louis Sarkozy, Victoria Poniatowski?

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

Since the announcement of the separation of Louis Sarkozy and the chronicler Capucine Anav, rumors surrounding the identity of a new conquest of the youngest son of former President Nicolas Sarkozy are becoming clear. According to Public magazine, the girl would be named Victoria Poniatowski. Who is this beauty from the Polish nobility, fond of art?

We learned today, Louis Sarkozy reportedly left his girlfriend well-known French viewers, columnist TPMP, Capucine Anav. The son of Nicolas Sarkozy would have ended his relationship with a simple text message . Not very classy! But it is precisely that seemed to reproach Cecilia Attias its old beautiful girl. Concerned, its always very spicy anecdotes about her marriage in issuing Cyril Hanouna, Hands off my post .
The Public magazine ad mixes in the wake of the announcement that Louis Sarkozy has already found love. And his new conquest supposed, whose name is Victoria Poniatowski, seems much more discreet, which should reassure the ex-wife of Nicolas Sarkozy.
Above all, Victoria Poniatowski grew up in the same very favored environment as the young Louis. Coming from a family of the great Polish nobility, the young woman of 26 years grew up in Neuilly. And the two lovebirds have much in common. In his family, there is a former King of Poland, and also a former minister, Michel Poniatowski, former No. 2 government under Valérie Giscard d’Estaing’s seven-year term.
The people side of the Sarkozy family is not far from the Poniatowski family either. Victoria is the daughter of Alexander Poniatowski, brother of Sarah Poniatowski, now better known under the name of Sarah Poniatowski , the wife of the singer to “revolver eyes,” Marc Lavoine.
If Capucine Anav could suffer some gaps in general knowledge , it seems that this is not the case of Victoria. Passionate about art, as evidenced by the few public photos of the girl on social networks, she studied at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. She will discuss with Nicolas Sarkozy about it at their next meetings.
Victoria Poniatowski seems very discreet, far from the visibility of Louis. But one understands what can tempt the young man, on the few shots visible in the slide show above. Victoria is very pretty, and Louis will have to put all the trumps on his side to please him. It seems to have started well. On holiday in Morocco, he visited the Museum of the African Heritage of Marrakech, and could not help but associate Victoria with one of his photos published on Instagram.