Who is the real father of Michael Jackson’s children?

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

Six years after his death at only 50 years, Michael Jackson continues to make talk about him. For his music and his incredible career of course, but also because of rumors about his private life. Conrad Murray, his disastrous physician, has just declared that he possessed confidential information about the three children of the King of Pop.

Sentenced to 4 years in prison for manslaughter , Dr. Conrad Murray could have chosen to keep a low profile. But, more than 6 years after the death of the singer, his doctor continues to express himself in the media. Charge of rape against members of the Jackson family, umpteenth rumor about the supposed pedophile Bambi , Dr. Murray is never short of revelations and anecdotes trash.
Last exit date, doctor, now forbidden to exercise, claims to have the truth about the paternity of Prince, Paris and Blanket the three children of Michael Jackson . If the identity of the mother of the two oldest known, this is Debbie Rowe the second wife of the singer, the mother of the youngest born in 2002 remains a mystery. As for their father … Conrad Murray says that this is not Michael Jackson, but reserves his revelations to the children themselves: ” I am very respectful of children. I am also sensitive to any information that could harm them. I know the biological composition of each of Michael’s children. (…) However, I reserve this statement to the children. If they tell me to come, when they are adults, and they are prepared to know the truth and are not lost as they are now, then we can have that conversation. ”
Conrad Murray is not the first to claim to know the identity of Jackson’s father. Numerous rumors, during the lifetime of the star, pointed to his former doctor Arnold Klein or the actor Mark Lester as potential breeders. Paris, Prince and Blanket have always shown a deep love and respect for Michael Jackson, the man who raised and pampered them until his death. There was no doubt that for the three children he was their father, whatever happens.