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Entertainment 8 December, 2017


The family of Jenifer has been hit by tragedy on Tuesday, December 5 : his uncle, Jean-Luc Codaccioni was seriously wounded by bullets in a settling of accounts.

A few months after having been the victim of a car accident which was fatal, Jenifer is facing a new test. His uncle, Jean-Luc Codaccioni was injured by bullets in Corsica, in what is akin to a settlement of accounts on the parking of the airport of Poretta, Tuesday, 5 December. Antoine Quilichini – said Tony the Butcher after The Point, the friend with whom he was, did not survive the blows. According to information from Corsica-morning Thursday, 7 December, the uncle of the singer age of 54 years old is still in a grave condition, between life and death.

The two men exited the lobby of the airport, Jean-Luc Codaccioni came home in Corsica while his friend had come to seek him. They have then been targeted “by a team of armed killers at least an assault rifle,” reports the daily. “It is a work of professionals. People experienced who have carefully prepared their shot. The chosen mode of action requires both a lot of composure and precision, but also work as a important piece of information : he needed to know when Mr. Codaccioni was going to find at the airport”, explained a source close to the dossier according to the newspaper.

The uncle of Jenifer is incarcerated and has been given a leave, during which he was targeted. Him and Antoine Quilichini have been sentenced in 2016 “to a criminal association in view of committing the murder of Jean-Claude Colonna, who was assassinated in April 2008 to Pietrosella,” said Corse-matin. After The Point, they are close to Michel Tomi, the king of games in Africa. In 2005, Jean-Luc Codaccioni, close to various local champions, had also seen death up close : he has been the victim of an assassination attempt, says the weekly,”he had not had the life saves that because the weapon of the killer that was was was halted.” Former boss of the security of the PMU in Gabon and is the father of a son, he then spent several years on the run in Africa.


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