Who is Thierry Peythieu, the husband of Ingrid Chauvin and director of the woman with red hair?

Entertainment 22 November, 2016

If the stars of the woman with red hair , broadcast Tuesday night on France 3 are Laetitia Millot and Samuel Le Bihan, the man behind the camera is not completely unknown: it’s Thierry Peythieu the husband of Ingrid Chauvin and father of the little Tom, born last June.

thierry-peythieuExcept on the red carpet, he sometimes crowd the arm of his wife Ingrid Chauvin, Thierry Peythieu is a man of the shadows. The lights, he prefers to decide that the project when performing rather than being informed by them . His job is directing . This is also because he works on TF1 fiction he meets the one the actress star of the private channel.
At a party organized in 2010 by their common employer, Ingrid Chauvin and Thierry Peythieu had a stroke of lightning. ” Why him ?, asks the young woman in the columns of Télé 7 Jours. I feel I have found my double, the man I dreamed secretly. The priority is our family, staying with each other constantly. Two hours without him and I am lost. We even managed to work together. ” The actress crosses the road indeed his love on the set of Toqués, fiction which she stars and which he is assistant director.
A year later, Thierry Peythieu and Ingrid Chauvin marry . On August 27, 2011 to be exact, in sunny Cap-Ferret . A decision very quickly. ” He proposed to me very quickly, within three months, but I did not hesitate for a second ,” explains Ingrid Chauvin. After marriage, comes their first child , the little Jade, born in 2013. Unfortunately, baby dies at the age of 5 months of sudden infant death . Despite the pain he feels himself, Thierry is the rock on which can rely Ingrid Chauvin to overcome this terrible ordeal. He tells Télé Star : ” We will never recover from the loss of Jade. It is believed at every moment . ” He encouraged his wife to return to the path of the trays and together they turn Murders at Mont Ventoux . Hand in hand, they forehead . In Gala , they trusted us in 2015: ” We are hopeful of better days ” .These better days, they arrive in June, with the birth of Tom . Since then, Thierry Peythieu seems to have found happiness and serenity . He likes to see his wife take care of their child. ” It’s a great mom. She puts her bag and then it is his son. Well, sometimes I think she does not see me, it goes directly to his son, but I love it. She is ecstatic , “he told us.