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Entertainment 14 December, 2017


After the tribute at the church of the Madeleine, Saturday, 9 December, about thirty intimate friends of the clan Hallyday visited on the island of St-Barth to attend the funeral of the rocker. A trip paid for by “Warner and very close friends,” according to the information from Closer.

In the night of 5 to 6 December, Laeticia Hallyday has lost his man. The rocker Johnny Hallyday has died of lung cancer at the age of 74 years. After a glowing tribute popular made in the church of the Madeleine, the closest friends of the clan Hallyday took the direction of the Bourget, in order to climb into a Boeing 747 which flew to St-Martin.

Has the edge of the device, the inner circle of Johnny Hallyday, consisting of 35 people. Laeticia and daughters Jade and Joy, accompanied by the head of Hélène Darroze, Jean-François Piège and his wife Elodie, but also Jean Reno, the sponsor of Jade and her partner Zofia. The musicians of Johnny Hallyday, Maxim Nucci and guitarist Yarol Poupaud, were also obviously part of the journey. The manager of the rocker Sébastien Farran and businessman Jean-Claude Darmon were also in the plane. According to information reported by Closer, the journey would have been ” financed by Warner and very close friends “. Of their sides, children’s rocker, David Hallyday and Laura Smet had flown to the island of St-Barth by their own means.

On the island, relatives of the ‘disappeared were housed in a” ten villas with car and private driver “, the pretty residence of Hallyday, damaged during hurricane Irma, could not accommodate all the guests.

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