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Entertainment 9 December, 2017


Laeticia Hallyday will be at the forefront of the procession which will start at the Mont-Valérien, where lies the body of Johnny. It should be supported by his daughters, his mother and his grandmother.

This is a generation of grieving women who will walk alongside Johnny Hallyday to pay the ultimate tribute. As early as 10 a.m. this Saturday, the mortal remains of the singer will be transported to the Mont-Valerien in place of the Star. His wife should be able to count on the attendance of her daughters Jade and Joy, his mother Frances and her grandmother Elyette, aka ” Mamy Rock “. All those that Laeticia called fondly ” the women of my life “.

Many friends of Johnny Hallyday came to Marne-la-Coquette, to present their condolences at the home of the star. While Laeticia Hallyday leave the Savannah to reach the remains of her husband, it should be accompanied by his relatives among the loved ones : his family. True rock and a woman of character, the wife of the singer has managed to protect his daughters Jade and Joy even though she admitted in 2013 nothing to hide.

There is no doubt that when the car Laeticia leave Marne-la-Coquette, Elyette be at his side. The grandmother adored wife of Johnny Hallyday has been his main support, providing a presence that is reassuring to the everyday life since Mamie Rock was staying with them in the Savannah. The mother of Laeticia, she could also support her daughter from the beginning to the residence of the Hauts-de-Seine. Even if their relationship has long been complicated, these two women are now in place. By joining the church of the Madeleine at around 12pm, Laeticia Hallyday will be able to count on the support of many of the stars who will make a play.

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