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As soon as years after the disappearance of Michel Berger, a quarrel fierce broke out between France Gall and the family of the deceased. This situation, the author Yves Bigot tries to the detail in his work on the interpreter to a White Paradise.

How, years after the death of Michel Berger, a quarrel with a rare ferocity she could break out between the family of the deceased and his ex-girlfriend, France Gall? This is what unravels the author Yves Bigot through his book, something in us of Michel Berger, published with the editions Contempoary French Fiction in 2002. In the pages of the book, the writer tells how, some time before his death, the couple’s daughter, Pauline, spoke to his mother his last wish: to rest the side of his father. On December 15, 1997, at the too young age of 19, the teenager succumbs to cystic fibrosis. France Gall was then that an idea in your head. She wants to fulfill the last wish of his daughter. The problem is that Michel Berger has been based since six years in the burial of his family. However, the vault in question only has six spaces, all occupied already. One cannot, therefore, accommodate even the smallest space for the body of the young Pauline.

France Gall is not discouraged for as much. She contacted the family Hamburger (the real name of Michel Berger), and requires that the body of the singer to be dug up and transported a few meters of his burial in the tomb where rests now his daughter. The tension rises a notch. The family of the deceased refuses categorically and exchanges are becoming more and more virulent between France Gall and his sister-in-law, Françoise Burger. The situation seems to be in such an impasse that the matter is brought before the justice. Initially, mediation is put in place. In the Face of its shameful failure, the matter is referred to a public hearing before the tribunal de grande instance of Paris. The judge in charge of the dossier ends up giving reason for France Gall. He then orders the transfer of the body of Michel Berger in his concession of the cemetery Montmartre to the one set up by the singer in the same cemetery. Since then, as the wish of France Gall and his daughter, Michel Berger rests at the side of the little Pauline.

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