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Entertainment 1 February, 2018


Invited on the board of Public Senate, the prince Albert II of Monaco has spoken about his role, the education of her children, but also about his future at the head of the principality. He could cut short his reign earlier than expected…

During his interview in the program “Territories of Information” on Public Sénat, broadcast on Tuesday 30 January, the prince Albert II of Monaco, has made many revelations and, in particular, on the education of her twins. But not only that… The husband of Charlene Wittstock has referred to his role on the Rock and around the world. The opportunity for the dad of the prince Jacques and princess Gabriella to reveal his or her projects. Questioned about his reign, prince Albert II of Monaco explained that he intended to shorten it : “I think that nowadays, given the increase in life expectancy, there comes inevitably a time when one has the malà exercise these functions, he confided. It is not unthinkable to consider that. “

The one that is installed on the throne in 2005 after the death of his father Prince Rainier II also evokes a feeling of weariness in the face of numerous events organized every year : “there are so many topics and such a wide variety of concerns and projects that I want to see succeed… I never get tired but physically, sometimes, yes. “Fatigue could be the trigger for this decision. Has almost 60 years, the prince Albert II of Monaco has to juggle between his obligations to the chief of the Palace and his family life. Will she its duties until his death ? Only the future will tell…

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Albert of Monaco

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