Why Brigitte Macron has agreed to be godmother of the baby panda, which made its first public release at the Beauval zoo – Gala

Entertainment 13 January, 2018


On Saturday the 13th of January took place the first public presentation of Yuang Meng, the baby panda born at the zoo of Beauval and in which Brigitte Macron is the godmother.

He was only five months and only weighs 11 pounds but he is already the star of the zoo French. Yuang Meng was baptized on 4 December last year by her godmother Brigitte Macron, very happy to get acquainted with the baby panda. Monitored and pampered 24h/24h and 7 days on 7 during its first few months, the animal is treated very special on the part of the keepers. This Saturday, it made its first public appearance at the zoo of Beauval, a place that Brigitte Macron knows them well.

“It may be that the reputation of one strengthens the reputation of the other. In China, Brigitte Macron was highly anticipated as the godmother of Yuang Meng. It was something important, ” said Delphine Delord, director of the Beauval zoo at the microphone of RTL. “We are very pleased that she has agreed to be a patron. She knows very well Beauval because she came many times with his children and grand-children. I think she was very affected by the baby panda ” was entrusted to Mr Delord, who admits also, that the president of the Republic has played a crucial role.

“We’ve talked a lot about conservation of endangered species with Emmanuel Macron. I think that he has understood all the issues of the protection and all that we do through our association Beauval Nature, ” said Delphine Delord, who now expects that many curious come to admire the baby panda.


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