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Entertainment 15 August, 2017


Brigitte Macron expects to see its status formalized out of his discretion ? Some ministers have their opinion.

No public speech in 100 days of presidency of her husband, very few words were exchanged with journalists, Brigitte Macron well as highly discreet, is for three months, omnipresent in the media. A ” Brigitte Mania ” which, according to Nathalie Rozborski, director of the office of style NellyRodi, interviewed by Le Parisien, explained by the fact that the First lady embodies this ” a model to follow, that of the new femininity, chic, modern, active. She is smiling, comfortable in his skin and in his age. It is unifying because it is transgenerational. Most young people say : ‘If one looks at Brigitte, we want to age well !’ For others, there is a form of revenge. This is not the young lovely couple with a old. It sends signals extremely positive to all generations.


A weapon of mass seduction for Emmanuel Macron ? Sure ! But so far, no question for Brigitte Macron play effect of its popularity to show and vampiriser by the same events that occupy it : It receives a lot of mail on this topic. It is to it that the French write. It involves a lot. But she knows thatwhen she makes a move, it risk overshadowing the heart of the matter. To avoid this, it is quite far away from the media. It does not seek the light , “explains the Parisian Sophie Cluzel, secretary of State of the Disability. To another minister to extol this discretion : “It is very correct. Still in its place, she never adventure never beyond. It has not always been the case before… “.


Conscious of its obligations, Brigitte Macron advance cautiously in this new life of First lady, an appellation that she hates, according to a close. A ” public role ” on which the Elysee will release ” late August, early September ” to a ” communication “in a document in which the form, press release, or charter, remains to be defined, explains the Huffington Post, citing sources close to the Elysée. “There was never any question of changing the Constitution, make a law, but to be transparent, which was not the case with the former First ladies “, it is still the same source.

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