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Tuesday 19 December, Daniel Angeli, the ex-official photographer of Johnny Hallyday, was the guest of the show C à vous (France 5). The trader has told a few anecdotes about his closeness with the family Hallyday. Yet in 2014, in France on Sunday, Daniel Angeli accused Leatitia Hallyday to have him ousted from the life of Johnny.

Daniel Angeli has long been the photographer atitré of Johnny Hallyday. They have even become friends over time. With his wife, he joined the rocker and his wife Laetitia Hallyday in Vietnam at the time of adoption of Jade in 2004 and has also worked on the island of Saint-Barth. But in the summer of 2010, their relationship is broken because of a series of photographs published in the magazine Paris Match. “[It was] a short time after her serious hospitalization in Los Angeles, he told France Dimanche at the time. You could see bare-chested to do jet skiing in Saint-Barthélémy… which symbolized his resurrection after having been close to death. ”

The photographer was then accused of having taken these pictures without the knowledge of the star. He has formally denied. “I’ve protected more than anything else, he said. At the time, the island was filled with paparazzi ready to capture the return to the life of Johnny. For the cover, I bought all their shots, […] and then I selected the photos with his wife Laeticia. She chose the images that would appear in the magazine (…) But the article did not like Johnny and I made myself turn from one day to the next. Ms. Hallyday is not really ” foreign, has accused Daniel Angeli in the journal in 2014.

For him, the wife, the idol of youth would have ousted all the people who would be disturbed. “Since she is with Johnny, Laeticia took the skin of the world. As far as I can remember, it has always been crises for the turn in the people ! I think me and my wife Cecilia were starting to become annoying, he argued. We knew too much, and I think it pleased him not. “After this dismissal, the photographer, followed up the blows, including a divorce, and then a STROKE which weakened his body.

In February 2013, the autobiography of Johnny Hallyday is output in the bookstore, including of stinging passages towards the former photographer of the star. He then filed a complaint for defamation and won her case. In 2014, he remained adamant : “Behind this book, it felt like the hand and the thoughts of Laeticia, he explained. We feel that this book has been dictated by it, and not by Johnny. I’m not the only one to say so. This woman has a real power over Johnny… I’ve done the fee. “Since, as for Jean-Claude Camus, the relationship between Daniel Angeli and Hallyday seem to be allayed. It will be released soon a book with the most beautiful pictures that he took of the rocker.

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