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Entertainment 9 December, 2017


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France is knocked out since the announcement of the disappearance of his idol Johnny Hallydya, in the night of 5 to 6 December. And those who liked the rocker, like Nathalie Baye, have redéroulé the thread of their love on the black screen of their white nights…

Two French stars. If different. “I met Jean-Philippe Smet, not Johnny Hallyday “, said Nathalie Baye. These two intersect at Carpentier. Johnny comes to separate from Babeth. It is at a time of his life where he doubted. He would not have had to divorce. Moreover, it will réépouser, he thinks. And then, at the end of the afternoon, he went to the home of the couple who must submit Nathalie Baye, with which he will make a sketch in the next tv show of Carpentier. And it is love at first sight. Johnny has found the woman of his life. It is certain. We’re in 1982.

Nathalie Baye does not yield immediately. The wrinkled, she knows. She has shared the life of an Artist in the red nose, or a poet’s self-destructive and sublime, Philippe Léotard. Then, Johnny and his reputation… But the heart, as is often said but it is true, the heart has its reasons… Together, they have one child : Laura, born November 15, 1983. At its birth, he says : “I have a son, a daughter, a woman that I love. What do I still need ?… “.

Alongside Nathalie Baye, the one called the Taulier seems to change : stop to discolorations platinum blonde, the look destroy, Johnny Hallyday starts to wear tweed jackets with the elbow in leather, a book protruding from his pocket – ” I read, not Proust, but I read “, says he. The man changes. He spends his holidays in the Creuse. Get up early to cut wood, going to be the market. Meeting another circle more intellectual : Godard, Berger… But then, as with Sylvie Vartan, this family life to which he aspires with Nathalie Baye, he is not ready to live it.

Johnny Hallyday bored. The siren song of rock n roll is all the more pressing. Nothing can be done. Nothing can hold it back. Not even a love as big as that of Nathalie Baye. “When it starts to fuck up, I’ll stop “, recently said Nathalie Baye in Psychologies. And after the birth of Laura, in effect, “it’s fair” soon enough. The couple eventually separated. “I always like Nathalie, he said, it has made me a good man, but I can’t live with a woman, I have the broken heart. “Rock’ n ‘ roll is a harsh mistress, and she took up her man…

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