Why Emmanuel and Bridget Macron have wished to vacation in head-to-head, without family or friends – Gala

Entertainment 17 August, 2017

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The presidential couple refused the solicitations of their friends to welcome them home for holidays. They needed to be alone after the whirlwind of a presidential decree.

The Macron, therefore, have chosen Marseille for their breathing in the summer. No break real however. “Brigitte is not, however, to illusions, and knows that Emmanuel will work at least up to 17 hours each day, even away from the Elysée palace “, said to Gala one of his relatives prior to their departure for marseilles. The first lady has suddenly taken with it, several folders of associations who have requested. She will explore during this retreat in the sun. The duo wished to find themselves without family and without friends, just two. “We need to be alone together, people do not always understand, but it is so , “repeated often Brigitte Macron. The chairman therefore ruled out the invitations many of knowledge in order to accommodate a vacation. This bracket two will be of short duration as Emmanuel Macron must fly from the 23 August for a european tour in Austria, Romania and Bulgaria. At the end of summer he will return with his wife in the shelter of the SPA, that she visited prior to her holiday in the paris region, to choose the new companion who will have the privilege of sharing the precious privacy of the presidential couple.

Photo credits : HAMILTON-POOL/SIPA

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